Keep On Keeping On

Two weeks ago, I ran 13 miles–the most miserable miles I have ever done. It was pouring outside, so I decided to run on the treadmill. Very poor decision! 13 miles on the treadmill is no fun, I assure you. After the run, my legs hurt terribly for about an hour, my stomach was sick, and I was wiped out for a day and a half.
I really didn’t want to give up this marathon training, but if that long run was a preview of the next few week-ends, I might just have to. It was simply too much for my body. “Please Lord, extend Your mercies to me that I might go on,” I prayed, and I asked my friends to call on the Lord on my behalf as well.
This last week-end, I got ready to run 14. I started out early, the air was crisp, and not a person in sight. Just me and Him. We ran together and enjoyed each other’s company tremendously. It was work, mind you, but very manageable. Before I knew it, the 14 miles were over, and NO PAIN in my legs. I could hardly believe the difference with the week before.
All I can say is that God is faithful, and He hears our cry. I have no legitimate reason to quit. God is equipping me, granting me grace every step of the way.
Today, I did 7 in the rain. Rain isn’t that bad–it’s actually refreshing.


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