Change of Plan

The marathon training is going on by the grace of God; I did 15 miles yesterday, and truly enjoyed my fellowship with Him through them all. On the 30th, I’ll meet up with my son Daniel in Grove CIty, and we’ll run 16 together. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d run with my son! But he is very gracious to me, ’cause I run like a turtle compared to him!
The Philadelphia Marathon seemed SO intimidating to me with its 5.5 hours limit… As much as I didn’t want to, I saw my anxiety level slowly rise. So yesterday, my husband and I decided that I’d run the Harrisburg Marathon instead. It is a week earlier, but will remain open for 6 hours, and it feels like so much less pressure to me. Thank You Lord for being so kind to me!
As much as I hate running, I love it. It is so challenging. I love my times with Jesus when we talk and fellowship together through the runs, and I love the precious revelations He is dropping in my spirit. I now know that all things are possible for those who put their hope in Him, those who refuse to look at themselves for strength. And that’s me, hallelujah!


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