Loud and Clear

My runs this week were hard,exhausting and painful. I was so discouraged, my heart so not wanting to quit and yet wanting to quit with all my mind.
“Begin to give thanks,” the Lord whispered into my heart. I can do that. A simple instruction that I can follow. Thank You Lord for help.
I went to church this morning, and the worship leader began to sing this song: “His praise shall be my battle cry.” Yes, Lord, I hear you. Your praise will be my battle cry.
When I got home, I checked my email, and I got a message with the following in it: “When we lose our praise we lose! Satan does not want to see Gods house full of joy and salvations. We must keep our hearts in tune with Gods Word and keep the whole armor of God on so we can withstand the attacks of the devil. Sing out praise to God even if you cant carry a tune! Shout out to God praises and Satan will have no choice but to leave. Sing God’s praise by keeping your heart in tune with Him. Lift Him up and give the devil a black eye!” (Pastor Tom Miles).
He knows how to comfort us–by giving us weapons for the right and the left hand. He just armed me.
I hear you loud and clear, Lord. I’m going to open my mouth wide and give thanks to You–thanks for Your help, for a strong body, for a God who does the impossible. I am going to praise You and walk right out of discouragement!


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