Jesus with skin on

Marathon training is getting grueling…. so I asked the Lord to give me a more vivid picture of Him running with me so I would be strengthened and encouraged to go on.
My son Daniel has said from the beginning that he would run the marathon with me. Now I always understood it to mean we would both run the marathon at our own speed. He is 20 and I’m 47… he is athletic and I am not. He is a cross country college runner and I am just now learning how to run! This week-end, we are doing 16 together so we talked last night about our upcoming run, and it started to dawn on me through our conversation that he plans to run alongside me for the whole marathon!!!! I strongly discouraged him to do so. This ought to be his marathon, not mine! He ought to enjoy it and do his best. Maybe he could just run it and come back to run me in when he’d be done… to no avail… if he can’t run it with me, he’s not running it. This was his plan all along, apparently.
Jesus with skin on, running alongside me. Jesus with skin on in my son Daniel. How much more could I ask for? I am loved. I am cared for specifically by the One who made the universe.
I cried, overwhelmed with His love for me. He hears me.



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