I can and will do it!

Next Sunday, I am running my marathon with my son Daniel. I have been saying all along that it is impossible for me to run it. In a way, that is absolutely true. Apart from the grace of God, I can do nothing. But God has begun to put a new thought in me that is much more in line with His word: I can run this marathon, for nothing is impossible for those who believe. My ability comes from Him, but I certainly have been granted ability, so it isn’t correct for me to say that I cannot do it. It would be much wiser for me to confess what God says: I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.
My running will be to the glory of God indeed!


One comment

  1. To My Very Dear Friend Barb:From the day I met you I believed there was nothing that you couldn’t do. I wish you luck on your marathon and know that you are a brave and truly wonderful person. I have been blessed to be able to call you my friend.See you at the finish line!Paula Cummings


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