Moving Day 2

August first, we moved our daughter Maelys to Virginia where she took her first job as a teacher. And yesterday, we moved my son and his fiancee’s stuff to their new apartment in Pittsburgh. They will be making their lives there as of next week when they enter into the covenant of marriage! Life is happening so fast…
Their place is really cute. Small, but adorable. They have a way to make things look so cool, I love it. It was fun watching them work; they do well together. I am very much at peace with this wedding; I believe God is in it, and He will back them up. I am amazed to see my first-born turn into a man with responsibilities, and how well he is handling it all. I could cry when I consider the faithfulness of God to us, and to him especially. I remember a time when I would cry myself to sleep at night, so afraid for his life because of poor choices. And look at him now: mature, happy, goal-oriented, and full of the life of God. All I can do is thank my Father in heaven.
The wedding is this week, six days away. You can check their wedding website at My mom and niece arrive from Europe tomorrow. I heard a quote that says something like…”It’s not the milestones that define your life, but it’s the moments that take your breath away.” I like that, it’s true. Moments are what life is about. We are going to have lots and lots of moments this week. I am ready.


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