My first-born Matthieu is getting married tomorrow, and my heart is filled with unexpected emotions. I love his wife-bo-be, I am delighted to see this wedding come about, and at the same time my heart is saying good-bye to the season we have had with him until now. It’s not sad, and yet tears escape corners of my eyes more often than I thought they would. And for the first time in my life, I understand that weddings are as important as funerals. Thus far, they have been a big party, a celebration of a milestone in the life of those I love. But they are so much more. They are what we humans use to mark seasons, to say good-bye and welcome, to turn the page and enter a new chapter of life.
Tomorrow, I say good-bye to the way I have related to my son thus far. I won’t negate the past, I am just entering a new phase of our lives. I will dance with him as a married man, one who pledged his life, heart and body to a wonderful woman that I welcome in my heart, and we will celebrate this new beginning together. How blessed we are.