Christmas came and went

Christmas came and went.
We traveled to Montreal to spend Christmas Eve with my husbands mom; it was exhausting, but kind of fun. The eleven hours in the car were relaxing in a way since we all like each other; we got to catch up and talk about lots of important, and totally unimportant issues. Then my newly married son and his bride came home from their honeymoon in Mexico, and we celebrated our Christmas a day late with our traditional dollar gifts and meat fondue meal, followed by a very long gift-opening session.
It is so much fun to give! I love to see how all the kids have become thoughtful givers, totally involved with what the recipient really enjoysthat was pretty cool.
I dont want to be religious, because honestly, most of what I was involved with was the kids and giving to them, and enjoying our family time.
Yet without being religious, there would be no true giving apart from Jesus, the One that Christmas is all about. Throughout the whole season my mind kept going back to that amazing gift that He gave: Himself. He gave without reserve, He gave fully. And His reward was grandiose: each one who dares to believe becomes His very own.
I am so thankful for my Lord who loves me so perfectly, so completely, so wonderfully. It is truly Christmas every day in my life.


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