Owning my Day

I am learning to enjoy the now. As I am getting older, I am becoming aware that there are only so many years, or days left in my life. Not that I will regret anything when I am gone, but I might when I am not able to do things any longer.
Life is short.
I am very busy, always planning the next thing. I wonder how much I will see that I have been missing as I am learning to slow down. How does an apple really taste? How does my house smell? How does my husband’s skin feel? What does my child’s voice sound like? The moments of life are so very ordinary that I could miss them all.
I am creative, that’s how God made me. What if I took the time to be creative on purpose?
Learning to enjoy the moment is learning to live on purpose. I want to own up to today and make it mine. I choose to take responsibility for my hours and my minutes. .
Remember the child within, Barbara, and let it out just a bit.


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