Week-end Cups

On Saturday, we were invited at my son and daughter-in-law’s appartment for dinner. Their place is neat, cozy and inviting. They are very gracious hosts, and dinner was wonderful. They both cooked together, it was fun watching them “be married.”
We went shopping at the Pottery Barn in Shady Side, and I found these really cool cups. In my book, a cup has to be tall and narrow for it to called a great cup; that’s the only way the beverage can stay warm long enough for me to enjoy it. These cups definitely qualify. Plus, they are the neatest shade of brown. I bought two and immediately baptized them our “week-end cups.”
Sunday afternoon after our little nap, my husband ground some fresh coffee beans and made coffee. The aroma filled the house. He poured the coffee in our new cups, and we sipped our beverage with contentment. Oh, the simple joys of life…
A week-end cup can only be used on week-ends, and only when we choose to relax and thoroughly enjoy the moment. On Monday, I tucked our new cups away until next week-end. Somehow I look forward to Saturday morning. Maybe I should go find some new coffee beans for us to experiment with; or some biscotti to go with the coffee.
Here’s to celebrating the little moments of life!


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