Isaac means “laughter.” In the Scriptures, Abraham and Sarah named their son Isaac because he was such a reason for laughter: old, barren, dried up Abraham and Sarah concieved a child by the Word of the Lord! He was God’s declaration that nothing is impossible with the Creator of the universe, he was God’s defiant “HA!” to the world.
I like that so much…
I am an Isaac through and through. Crooked from day one, I was doomed to a life of curse. But God rescued me and made me an example of His lovingkindness for all to see. He drew me out of darkness and changed me into the image of His Son. He makes me to be what I cannot be on my own. I am His defiant “HA!” to the world.
My middle name is Andree. But a few years ago, I kind of changed it. Not legally, but from a heart perspective. I call myself Barbara Isaac now. Barbara “HA!” see what the Lord has done for me; Barbara “HA!” I defy all that the enemy planned for my life; Barbara “HA!” I am an overcomer by His Word. Barbara “HA!” child of promise.
I sign checks “Barbara I. Croce.” And every time I do, I remember who I am. I remember Whose I am. And I smile.


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