Snow Storm

We are in the middle of a snow storm here in PA. It hasn’t stopped snowing, sleeting and freezing raining for over 36 hours now, and the landscape is absolutely gorgeous. Life kind of stopped: offices and schools are closed, people are taking life very slowly, sipping on hot cocoa after they go shovel for an hour or so.
The office where I work just called and is closed for the day. As much as I love my job, I am so glad I get to stay home and enjoy the view. Maybe I’ll finish my book, and spraypaint the rocking chair that’s been patiently waiting for me. Maybe I’ll take a nap in front of my huge window, looking at the snow falling. I’m so thankful for a day at home, and electric and heat!



  1. Same here in western Maryland! It’s pretty to look at, but I feel sorry for the flower delivery drivers – today’s Valentine’s Day and they still have to work!Enjoy your hot cocoa!Bonnie


  2. Hi dear friend…It’s my first time to blog, so it’s wonderful to enter blog world as a visitor to your adventure. It’s good to kick back and just be appreciative for awhile. I enjoyed my visit. Bless you!


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