Blessings are recieved. God freely gives to us in His Beloved, there isn’t a thing He would withhold from us since He gave us His Son. Yet most of the time, we don’t live in the fullness of His blessing, we live in need and in want–at least in mind. What a shame.
God loves to give to me. All He wants is me. I simply must let go of what is in my hand, that He might let go of what is in His on my behalf. God’s ways work. I have seen it in my finances time and time again. I have chosen to put Him first, do things His way, and financial blessing has overcome me many times. Today, I am choosing to let Him be God in my body. I will let go of my very tight hold on myself and let Him be God. Watch out, world, a new Barbara is emerging, filled from head to toe with the blessing of God!


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