my Daniel

My son Daniel is anything but ordinary… and he has a way of taking his father and myself to the edge with him time and time again, whether we want to or not. He has gone to minister to the homeless in Pittsburgh, has been involved in prison ministries, has traveled to the Southern tip of India to share the gospel, has taken a trip on a bike with three other young men, seemingly oblivious to dangers lurking around them. Nothing is too big, too dirty, too small, too dangerous, too life-threatening… He pushes the envelope, challenging our faith in God, causing us to learn to trust the Lord in places we wouldn’t even consider. I resent it and love it, all at the same time.
This time around, he is planning a trip to Uganda this summer, challenging me to lay down very real fears concerning his physical and spiritual wellbeing. How big is my God? How safe is His will? Will I let my fears get in the way of God’s assignment for my son’s summer?
I am beginning to realize that this is but a shadow of what the future holds for us as his parents. He is a born leader, led by the Lord, being groomed for great things… How strong is my heart? My faith? I thank God for my level-headed husband who listens and yields to the Lord.
Father, make me ready. I say YES to You. Your will is the safest place on earth.


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