Playing Hooky

Tuesday was my one day off a month. I normally cram it with cleaning, doctor’s appointments, inevitable household shopping and running a month’s worth of errands.
This Tuesday was different. The stuff I had to do wasn’t until the afternoon; the morning was mine. Talk about a treat. I woke up early, made my coffee and leisurely sat in my sunroom while sipping it, quietly watching the day wake up. The birds started to sing, and so did my heart. After my time in the Word, I went down and enjoyed a two-hour workout all by myself with no interruption. It felt like almost heaven! I sweated buckets, and was so delighted at the end; who wouldn’t, with all the happy hormones released with hard exercise?
I grabbed some old clothes and went out to play in my yard, weeding and talking to my baby plants. I even cleaned a couple of windows dulled by the winter. The sun caressed my skin and my soul.
By noon, I got home, jumped in the shower and let the hot water do my good. I then sat at my kitchen table and had a hardy bowl of soup with a yummy sandwich. Afternoon came, and it was time to run my errands…
These few hours to be by myself with Jesus were delightful. They filled me up with every good thing I needed, and I am ready to go on. Life is good indeed.


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