Life goes on!

Life is going on over here, full and good!
We had our mystery dinner party last week-end, and it was A BLAST!!!! We had so much fun, role playing and acting together! It took a lot of work to get ready, but it was fun, fun work! And we laughed like I haven’t laughed for a very long time.
Then, this week-end, I had a conference for Personal Trainers in Ocean City, Md. Very, very educational and challenging for sure, and stimulating. My mind is spinning with ideas, and I have to let the Lord quiet them down, and rule me. There is so much more out there for me in my career, and I love it!
While we were gone, we opened our house to Daniel, our youngest son, and 10 of his friends from college. When we came home, the house was SPOTLESS, and there were bouquets of flowers everywhere, thanking us of the hospitality… it melted my heart beyond words. With each bouquet, there was a Scripture that fed me.
I am blessed indeed!


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