Did you hear the darkness tremble?

Darkness-filled tragedies have hit my little community these last couple of weeks, with the second teenager who is part of a suicide ring killing himself, and a 45 year-old mother killing herself as well while her son was being fitted for his prom tuxedo. A lovely young lady who graduated with my youngest son succumbed to a wicked liver disease, and a young father died of a freak accident. And unfortunately, there is more…. And the faces on the street are ravaged with pain, and my heart was aching as I smelled hopelessness all through town.
But last night, my son asked us to go to a worship meeting at the college he attends as it was the last one of the year and he plays the piano. So after a long day at work we drove 90 minutes, just because we love him, not because we wanted to. We got there just on time. The chapel was filled with young people who had come there voluntary, and the service began. Voices like those of angels filled the room, hands shot up to heaven and Holy Spirit fell on the place. These young kids sang about the hope within them, the joy of giving themselves up to serve their Master, the thrill of being loved by God Himself. I watched them absorbed in their worship, delighted to love up their Lord in song and praise. My own spirit was lifted, and I let myself be lost in worship as well.
And last night in that chapel,I heard the darkness tremble. Why do we dare to fear, or worry about the plans of the wicked one? God has a remnant on earth, and it is alive and well!


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