Poison Ivy

Every year, it seems that I get a major attack of poison ivy. It starts very small, and I always think I can wait it out, but it eventually spreads and becomes unbearable, and I wind up in the emergency room one night or another. Last year, they had to give me a shot the second time it hit.
And until yesterday, I didn’t know what poison ivy looks like. But my neighbor showed it to me last night, and I was shoked, ’cause it looks pretty cute…
I discovered the culprit in my flower garden this morning. So I very carefully removed it by the root. Then I saw another one, and I will take care of this one next. It’s been there all along mind you, so that’s probably where I got it every year, but I was clueless.
Cluelessness (is that a word?) and ignorance caused me lots of suffering. This year, I’m simply going to watch for it and remove it when I see it. Simple, isn’t it? A trap exposed isn’t a trap any longer; it loses all of its power.
And so it is in life. When the enemy’s tricks are revealed, they lose all of their strength. I like that. May I never be satisfied with being clueless any longer!



  1. […] What you set your eyes on grows, so sadly enough, this conviction grew and even became an idol–the thing that was bigger than God in my life. I made my decisions in view of it. Well you know, no, I can’t drive into the city today (because I am not good enough to drive in the busy city traffic), and no, I am sorry, but I can’t join you for dinner (because I am not good enough to carry a witty conversation with you), and no, I can’t take that risk (because, you know, I just am not good enough). […]


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