Grand Central Station

We have a bird feeder in the back yard, and in the early mornings and evenings, it’s like Grand Central Station out here! Blue jays, cardinals, finches, and I don’t know how many more kinds fly back and forth and fill their tummies with our little seeds. The squirrels really want in on the action, but we greased the pole, so all they get to do is slide down… its’ kind of funny. The songs are beautiful, and our eyes feast on nature.
As we sit quielty, we start to notice that the trees around us are teeming with life; it’s a jungle out there, and we get to watch the show. Later on, the deer come by to say good-night. And the chipmunks, they have no sense of time; they are there all the time, running faster than any other one of the animals.
Today, my husband bought a hummingbird feeder and we set it up. No taker yet. I guess they have to figure out we’re here. Patience, Barbara, patience.


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