There is just something about the human spirit and soul that wants to be pursued, that needs to be indispensable, needed, loved for its inate beauty, not only its accomplishments. One way or another, these basic needs resurface over the years of our lives. It really has nothing to do with who we are, we were wired that way by a Creator who made us in His image.
Now that is something worth chewing on for a while. We were made in His image, and we find ourselves wanting to be indispensable… If you look through the Scriptures, you will find God calling out to His people, telling them of His love for them, pursuing them relentlessly, and you also find how delighted He is when we, in return, run toward Him and love Him freely, pursuing Him with all of our strength, making Him the indispensable God that He truly is.
God wants to be pursued. As you choose to do just that, you will find Him and delight yourself through and through in your new found Treasure. Actually, you will love Him so much that you won’t be able to keep quiet about Him!
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy Name!