Uganda Bibles

My son Daniel went to the refugee camps up north of Uganda (actually, they are called IDP camps: internally displaced persons) to assess the situation and plan how to distribute the 13,000 pounds of clothing, toys and kitchen stuff they have. When the church leaders in the camp found out about the supplies ready to come, they asked for Bibles. Not underwear, but Bibles. So Daniel and his friend began a campaign to get these people Bibles in their Acholi language. They could get 400 of them for $2000. We prayed and committed it to the Lord, and started to let the word out. Within 10 days, we had $3385 for them! Here is part of the Thank You email he sent: “
THANK YOU!!! You are receiving this email because you contributed to the purchase of over 400 Acholi Bibles for the people of Northern Uganda. Praise God–about two weeks ago, we didn’t have a dime…now we have a surplus! I cannot express my gratitude enough for the way in which you have responded to this need–many of you have never met me, but you wanted to reach out to God’s people in Africa, and you acted in faith. Thank you.
We will be taking the Bibles up along with around 13,000 pounds of clothing, some kitchenwares, books, toys, etc., hopefully over the next 10-15 days. Preparations are in the final stages for delivering the goods to refugee camps. The Bibles will be going to church leaders throughout several different camps who do not own their Bibles as of yet–but that will change very soon! Praise the Lord!”
Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness! What a privilege it is to be part of something so much bigger than us!


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