In front of me

My friend Jason Scott got married this month to a lovely lady named Seana. I didn’t make it to the wedding in California, but was privileged to watch the DVD. At some point in his vows, Jason talked about people not reckognizing the gift in front of them when Jesus was in their midst, and how he was sooooo very much aware of the gift in front of him and was therefore going to treat her as such for the rest of his life.
His words traveled all the way down to the core of my heart–how often have I neglected the gift right in front of me, screaming at me of God’s utter faithfulness and goodness? That gift has been God Himself, or Him manifested in people loving me (Jesus with skin on), or miraculous provision, or a gorgeous sunset, or an hour on the patio with my husband, or my children’s laughter… and the list goes on.
May my eyes be opened daily to the gift in front of me; may I be quick to see, rejoice and give thanks; may I act like the gifted one that I am.


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