Seeds of greatness

I was laying in bed the other day and became mesmorized with the picture of my kids that hangs above the dresser on the wall opposite me. In it, they are about 7, 5 and 3 years old, sitting on an old log, and smiling pretty for their dad, the photographer. Well, one of them is smiling big, and the other two kind of are. Looking at them made my heart melt as I could see their personalities in their cute little faces. We’re talking close to 20 years ago, yet who they have become already showed on their expressions.
“Wow,” I said to my husband, “look at them–there were seeds of greatness in these little faces. Little did we know…” The oldest is married, successfully navigating through the business world and married life, making a home for his future children, being established in a church family, born along into becoming a pillar in his community. The second one is a teacher, touching so many 5th graders with her kindness day after day, affecting them for life with her truthful ways. The youngest one is distributing Bibles in Uganda to believers who never owned a Bible yet, encouraging them to believe in miracles.
Seeds of greatness indeed in these three little ones, miracles brewing under the surface. God only knows what is to come. What an exciting life we live… How proud I am of these three… How thankful I am to the God who loves me perfectly.



  1. We are proud of your three children, too; they are testimonies to the goodness of God and His faithfulness to perform His Word in our lives. Love you all! Nevin and Paula


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