Bathroom update

Many, many moons ago, I wrote about my bathroom, and how I was going to try something crazy–painting it all blue. Well, it turned out more than ugly. But I had to fix it fast, because my son was getting married and we were getting a bunch of company through the house. So my son very kindly offered to fix it for us, and together we came up with the great idea of painting large stripes, green and yellow. The stripe idea was cool, but the result wasn’t as cool as anticipated. So here we were, with a striped bathroom and a wedding.
I let it go, and got busy living. But every time I used that bathroom, I wished we never had touched it! What was wrong with white anyway? And by now, there were so many textures on the wall that going back to white was not an option at all. So I just did nothing, but kept thinking.
Had a bright idea about three weeks ago. I knew that was it! I enlisted my daughter-in-law’s very kind help and she went to work putting mud all over the walls. My thought was that it would cover all the texture mistakes, and would look very cool as well by the time it would be all done. So Amber did it, and yesterday she finished with a coat of paint. And you know what? I really, really like it! It’s a bit “old world,” or european. I love the look, and I am thrilled.
So that was my bathroom update, long overdue. God takes care of the smallest details of our lives!


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