My husband had been following my new way lifestyle, a bit as a “test subject” for me, and he has lost 29 pounds so far, feels energized and excited about it all. He has started to run on the track at the High School, increasing his mileage week after week. We moved from the High School (that can get pretty boring, going around and around and around…) to a trail that runs through town; it is wooded and lovely. After a few weeks, he decided that he was going to run the yearly 5K that happens in town at the end of July, and last week, he did it! How proud I am of him. It was so cool to see him out there with all the other runners, and see him finish, still strong. It’s like he has a new lease on life.
Now our friends Bob and Danni say that there is nothing worse than a “reformed bad eater,” but this new lifestyle suits us like a glove. We enjoy balsamic strawberries instead of cake, and go out for a run instead of staring at the television; what’s wrong with that? 🙂
Yesterday, we ran 4 miles! Way to go, Rich!