Slice of Life

We are having our yearly summer conference here in town at our church. People from Germany, Canada, England, sometimes India and maybe other countries come together for two weeks. We, the ones who live in Indiana, host the visitors in our homes, and together we sit under the anointed teaching of our pastor, Stanley F. Hickman.
We drink deeply from the Word of God. It is quite amazing to see how alive that Word is, how able it is to change our hearts, to strengthen us, to give us hope and direction in a lost world. This year, the theme of our conference is “Safe in the World,” and the Lord is imparting much help to us all, renewing our minds to say the least.
This morning, I was struck with something quite special as I was having breakfast at a table with six other women, none of whom I knew well; one was from England, one from Luxembourg, two from another church here in town, and two from a small town next to ours. The youngest was 17 I think, the oldest retired from work. We each shared about our lives, we worshiped together, we heard the Word of God together, and then we prayed together. For a couple of hours, seven lives intersected, and we traveled a small part of our road together. As I looked around the table, my heart was filled with love toward these women I didn’t know. Thank you Muriel, Verity, Lee, Pat, Eileen and Dorothy for letting me into your lives today, giving me a part of yourselves. Thank you for sharing a little slice of life with me; it tasted wonderful!
What a blessing it is to have sisters all over the world, united by the sacrificial work of Jesus, our Lord.


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