It was just one of those days… the kind you shouldn’t have, but it just happens sometimes when you let things get to you instead of quickly running to the Lord and laying them at His feet. So by four o’clock, I was pretty much beaten, exhausted and frustrated, or whatever you would want to call it. But I had to keep working, long night ahead of me…
The next time I wound up at my desk to write down some notes, a huge bouquet of flowers was awaiting me. “Just because,” the note said. My dear, dear husband had just been used of the Lord to remind me that I am loved indeed. And then, my friend Jennie casually reminded me of this phrase she so loves: Jesus always comes for you.
The next day, my friend Bernie showed up with four roses in a vase–“Just a little gift,” she said.
I have been loved out of frustration. No judgment, no admonition, just love, smiles, hugs and flowers. Jesus indeed always comes for me.



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