From life to Life

There is a time for everything under the sun. A time to live and a time to die.
My friend’s dad is slowly crossing the threshold to the other side, where Jesus is waiting for him. People try so hard to hold on to this life, but if you look at it the right way, holding on may not always be the right attitude.
Life must be lived to the fullest, every singe day and every single moment. Children must play and laugh, lovers must love, and workers must work. We ought to make our mark in this place every day by being alive indeed. But I believe that when we have run our course and the days are winding down, God unlocks in us a secret place that had been tucked away all along. In there, we find even more secret longings that emerge, the greatest one being the yearning to behold our Maker face to face.
My friend Jean Moyer told me once long ago as we were scrubbing her windows, “You know, Barbara, there comes a day where the other side looks so much more attractive than this side.” I was too young to understand. Jean has since then long crossed over, and I have grown older. Now, I see the wisdom in her words. I believe God does that in us. We begin to let go of all that seemed to matter, and our world gets smaller and smaller, from the chair to the bed and back to the chair, from the eyes of those we love to the closed eyes of naps. Letting go seems natural, and we begin to set our sight on the other side, where the Master is calling for us. As we hear His voice, we become even more detached and the legs of our spirits want to run to Him, our Beloved. On the outside, we might look like we are coming in and out of consciousness, but on the inside, we are making summersaults, skipping toward what we always wanted more than anything else: Him. It’s like going from the womb to the real world; who would want to stay in the womb past nine months? It’s like graduation from life to Life; who would want to remain here in view of what is coming?
There isn’t anything wrong with welcoming Life when this life has been fulfilled. May joy fill my friend’s heart as she lets go of her dad, and releases him into the arms of the One who is calling.



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