Building a House

A lady I train said that working with the balance was like putting the gutters on the house–not a lot of fun, but fundamentally necessary in order to build a sound, steady, useful building. Doing oblique crunches is like putting the carpet in, she said–it shows right away, and it’s fun!
I find these observations very insightful. Taking them a little further, they work for all of life don’t they? There is always the grunt work, and it’s always hard and challenging, and you don’t really see the results right away with your eyes. But then, the finishing touches always come, and that’s where things shine. Yet there are no finishing touches without a foundation first.
So I will take courage today. No matter what stage of life I am in, I am doing grunt work in some areas, and adding finishing touches in others. I will delight in both, for this is my life. And I only get to live once down here.


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