Barbara Isaac Croce

God took two impotent people and caused them to give birth to a son that God Himself named Isaac. Isaac means LAUGHTER. Through teaching and revelation, I realized that Isaac, Abraham and Sarah’s son, was God’s “HA!” to the world. He takes the impossible and makes it possible. He takes the irreparably broken and fixes it. He takes the worst of people and turns them into miracles. I took one good look at my life and couldn’t help but see that He made an Isaac out of me, an “HA!” for all to see what His kindness is like. So a few years ago, I started to sign my name “Barbara I. Croce,” rather than A. for Andree, and I began to think of myself as Barbara Isaac.
This January, I started the process to become a U.S. citizen. To my amazement, there was a spot in all the paperwork I had to fill out where one could legally change one’s name! Trembling and full of expectation, I petitioned to have my name legally changed to Barbara Isaac. And I committed it to the Lord.
Today, I had my second meeting with the INS–“the” interview– and I was approved for U.S. citizenship, AND FOR THE NAME CHANGE!!!!!!!! So, as of October 19th, the day of the citizenship ceremony, I will legally be Barbara Isaac Croce.
My heart is soaring. May I forever indeed be God’s “HA!” to the world!


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