Saturday Morning Light

As we sit in our lovely sunroom, the light changes each day. My husband the photographer is so tuned in to light–it truly amazes me at times. But I get to benefit from his wonderful observations. On Saturday mornings when we get to sit with a cup of coffee to simply enjoy the view, the crisp light is spectacular, glistening through the leaves of the trees. And then later on in the afternoon when we meet there again for our little coffee, the light is golden and warm and wraps itself all around us, kissing the day good-bye.
The days are getting shorter, and the texture of the light is changing. The birdsongs are changing too.
What a privilege it is to be aware of time, and enjoy watching it march on, season after season. Autumn is coming. We haven’t experienced it yet in our sunroom. I bet the leaves turning are going to take our breaths away on Saturday mornings.


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