N.E.W.A.Y. update

N.E.W.A.Y. has been up and running for three weeks, now. The 10 ladies have lost a total of 55.7 pounds, and they are pleased to discover that they can still go out to eat, enjoy tailgate parties, serve dinner to their families without having to cheat! They are as a whole not hungry, enjoying this new lifestyle. It’s fun to see them doing well, being encouraged each time they step on the scale. I am watching their confidence grow and I love it.
We’ve been trying a lot of new recipes that are yummy and aboslutely good for you! Between all of us, we’ll have a cookbook soon! Actually, I have been working on it. Today, I tried pumkin soup, squash stew and butternut stew. It’s fall out there, and my kitchen smells like it!


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