My life is so busy these days–but probably no more than everybody else’s. We have learned to cram so much into 24 hours, and we have learn to live with more pressure than our bodies are supposed to handle. I’m a great planner, though, so a lot of what I accomplish is due to planning ahead and following through. Yet I get so tired at the end of my days, and at times I forget what it’s like to relax, because there is still so much more on my list for the day… so the very thing that is helpful to me turns into my downfall.
When I became aware of these things by the grace of God last week, I made another plan! Plan to plan less and relax more, plan to let some things go if necessary, plan to live in the NOW that is given. At the end of this week, I am less stressed and more relaxed, more ready to enjoy the week-end that is ahead. I think I’m onto a good thing here…

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