Barbara Isaac Croce, US citizen

This is it, I am now an official U.S. citizen! I took part in the naturalization ceremony yesterday in Pittsburgh, Pa and here I am… as american as anyone else! There were about 80 of us being sworn in, and the courtroom was full of guests as well. The ceremony was quite moving and more emotions were stirred in me than I anticipated. I relinquished my green card, signed my new name on my certificate, was given an american flag and was sworn in by an federal judge. The rotary club had a little reception for us afterwards, and I got to meet a lot of new fellow americans, all the way from Russia, Lebanon, Italy, China, Taiwan and the list just goes on and on…
I got home to patriotic flowers delivered in my absence; what great kids I have…
Most of all, my name has been legally changed to Barbara ISAAC Croce, the name God Himself gave me. I get to change my social security card, my driver’s licence, my bank account and everything else, and every time I will say my name, I will declare that I am God’s “HA!” to the world!
May I live up to my new name by the grace of God!


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