Perfect Day

I had such a good day today, spending it with my hubby. We both work so hard, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to just be together, but today was one of these. We went to Pittsburgh to see the BODIES exhibition; wow, that was quite impressive. Real human bodies on display with all the different systems empahsized: circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, digestive, and all the muscles, nerves, organs preserved for us to see, down to fetuses. It was quite impressive and amazing; how could you think there is no God after seeing this?
We did a bit of shopping, went home and then took off for a long hike; we got lost in the woods, but it was so beautiful with the fall weather and the light shining through the trees. We got home and make some supper together.
After a week full of challenges, this is good, very good. God is good, isn’t He? I am so glad I know Him, I am so glad my life is worth living becuase of Him. And He loves to delight my heart with little and big gifts, straight from His heart to mine.
Thank You my Father.


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