NEWAY cookbook

The first NEWAY program has been over for a month now, or at least the intensive course. We now have a maintenance program, and all those who signed up are still losing weight regularly, and loving it! My daughter’s blood sugars have leveled out, and most people are reporting increased energy and a better outlook on life. I love it and am so thankful!
A neat by-product of these last few months has been the discovery of our kitchen, and how much fun it is to cook! We are compiling a list of recipes, and try out a couple of new ones each week. We tweak them until they are just right, then they make it into the official cookbook. Before you know it, it will be ready! Last night, we had the best homemade whole wheat pancakes, full of fiber and flavor, at only 65 calories each! Tonight, it’s roasted vegetables and chicken sausage… curious to see how this turns out.
I’ll let you know when the cookbook is finished. For now, we are thoroughly enjoying cooking together! God is so good to allow us to delight in everyday life.


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