You are what you eat?

I am a strong believer in the Word of God which says that our words matter. We speak out of the abundance of the heart, therefore you can always tell what a person really thinks by the words they are using when they talk “for real,” or without restraints, and in a real way, we are what we speak. And we become what we speak. This has nothing to do with positive thinking, but everything to do with the reality of man’s soul.
I have begun to see that my body is what I eat as well. Why do we think we can eat whatever we want to and it not affecting the body? I can’t speak whatever I want to and it not affect my life… My body–and my heart, mind, soul–can only work with what I give to them; they have no other way of getting nutrients, right? What goes through my lips goes inside of me and gets absorbed into me. It is that and that alone that my body can use to become what it will become. So every bite that comes into my mouth contributes to making my body what it is. Hmm… quite sobering, isn’t it?


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