To wake up from an empty dream and have the taste of hopelessness right under the skin… It feels like there is no deep breath left within and no smile could reach within the dryness of the heart—until the children begin to sing. Oh, for the joy of innocence when one doesn’t yet understand the black hole of life! But the respite is so short, because the beatings of life assault once more, and the lining of the heart gets thinner all the time, until one day it will surely burst. Is this what life is all about? Waiting for the explosion that is sure to come?It truly is, unless the Savior manifests… then, all darkness turns to brilliant light, confusion is turned into order, things make sense finally, and the deep breath returns. Hopelessness doesn’t dare remaining, and the smile from deep within makes it way through to the face, touching all those who are around, lifing them with true existence from heaven. The life of those I love is under attack these days, and the battle is fierce. Cancer seeks to shout, broken bones scream, wounded hearts bleed, confused minds shrink back in fear—and Godly anger rises from within my soul. My praise shall indeed be my battle cry, and I will stand and see the salvation of the Lord in the lives of those who are His. Oh death, where is your sting? You have lost already, and we will feast at the Lord’s table right in the presence of our enemies!


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