New Year

I love beginnings. It is so wonderful that God grants us new beginnings every so often, and the beginning of a year is one of those. The last one was good; I saw the Lord’s faithfulness, I entrusted my heart and those I love to Him, learning to rely on Him more than ever, and I was not disappointed. He caused me to dare to dream big, and I loved it.
We ended 2007 with friends around a table, talking and laughing together, celebrating life. We began the new year toasting to the goodness of the Lord. What a life!
I expect big in the year we just started. I have dreams for my kids, my husband and myself, dreams for my church and my friends. I want to excel even more, running full speed at what life God grants me, and I desire to enjoy each moment. Life seems so short nowadays, days go by so quickly–so may I learn to savor each one as the gift that it is, filled with the awareness of its beauty. May we all take the time to breathe in the sweet air that peace brings, and may we take the time necessary to simple be. In this world of dark events and confusion, may we beacons of light indeed.
Happy New Year to you!


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