My sister sent me an email today that simply made me cry. It was a song on Utube all about the president of the US, mocking him in so many ways. Not that I think he’s perfect or anything, far from that… but the hardness of Europe toward the US has become scary to me, and terribly sad. It’s always the US’s fault, no matter what. Politics, economics, social issues, government failure… it’s all our fault. I know we (listen to me now: “WE!”–when did that change? I guess 26 years here will do that!) are not perfect, and we are a strong power so we influence much of the world’s economics, but isn’t it a bit childish to blame all things on us?
My sister didn’t mean any harm, I am sure, but my heart cried with sadness when I considered how biased this world has become; no sound judgment any longer, no objectivity, no soberness. How are they going to raise children in a world so crooked, perverted, helpless? Not al all apart from the grace of God.


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