My husband has been away on business for about a week now. No big deal, I guess… But my husband and I are pretty close, best friends at the least, soul mates for sure, two pieces of a puzzle–28 years of marriage will do that to you when you don’t resist the dealings of God through the seasons of life.
It’s hard to explain, but I miss him in the deepest part of me. Life surely goes on, and I am well able to make it on my own in the midst of winter storms, furnace issues and whatever else might come up, because I have a great church family and a very big God who is with me at all times; I am never alone, neither do I ever feel alone.
My husband and I are one when apart, and one when together–we have learned to mix the depths of our souls. Being apart from him makes me even more thankful for what we have. I am counting the days until his return, like an impatient bride. I am not at the bride stage any longer, though–it’s more like a deep joy that comes when we are together once again, a fulfilment deeper than words that swallows every sadness that life brings. God did that, and I am forever thankful.


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