My husband and I decided to take a bunch of mini-vacations this year instead of one or two long ones. This week-end is one of these; we are in the middle of nowhere, hidden deep within the woods of Pennsylvania, all cozy in a little log cabin. The trees are heavy with snow outside, and the sky is as blue as it ever will be. A hot, crackly fire is filling the atmosphere and some classical music floats in the air…
The place is somewhat primitive, but it has all we need. And there are no deadlines today, no agenda, no plan—just God and the two of us.
I bundled up this morning and went for a very long walk by myself in the crisp February air. The snow crunched under my boots and I wondered when the last time was that I walked on virgin snow. The peace of God enveloped all of me and my heart sang praises to Him; how kind of Him to grant me time alone with Him where I can love on Him, speak to Him of my children, His beauty, my hopes and dreams–just chat together for a while. I know He is God, the Creator, the Almighty One, but He also has become my intimate friend, the lover of my soul, my sweetest companion, the One with Whom I share all that I am.
When I found my way back to the cabin, we reheated some onion soup and watched the fire for a while—relaxation at its very best.
Monday, everyday life starts again, and that is wonderful as well. But for right now, I breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. I will savor the moment and squeeze all I can out of it.

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