SWAT Dinner

My prayer-friends and myself meet every Thursday morning to pray about all kinds of issues concerning the Lord’s church, His beloved people. We love our coming together in His name, and we have seen many, many miracles take place as we stand together in view of His will.
I have to say that it took us a while to become “one,” but now we have learned to be comfortable and honest with one another, and mainly, we have come to a place of unity in the Holy Spirit that allows us to quickly come in agreement concerning what/who we are praying for.
Four times a year, we get together for an evening meal, each bringing a really yummy dish. We laugh, joke and adress whatever issues need to be adressed at the moment in order to go on more effectively in our Thursday morning ministry.
Yesterday was one of these supper-meetings, and it was wonderful. The food was deligthful of course, and more than ever I came away utterly amazed at the Godly friends I am surrounded by. These precious women are sensitive to Holy Spirit, able to see in the realm of the unseen, completely devoted to their Lord and Master and committed to His cause. I came away strengthened, rededicated and on fire once more for the will of God in my life and in the lives of those I love.
A few years back, my son named us the SWAT team: Shouting Warriors Attacking Today. The name is still appropriate, and each day we will stand and speak forth the will of God in the lives of those around us. Amen!


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