I was considering yesterday how busy my life has become. I don’t have any more children at home, but I now have a very time-consuming job (that I love, mind you), a great husband with whom I love to spend time, a wonderful church family to which I am committed and therefore I choose to give it my time and energy. Let alone everyday life, and my kids who live away but still need me, and… and … and …
Am I too busy? Well, sometimes I wonder. But what is my life all about anyway? Each one of my day is full for sure, but I am not sure it is too full. What would I do otherwise, how would I spend my days? It all comes back to time being the currency of my days. I can spend it, waste it, invest it, or just look at it and admire it. Some days, my investment has such a great return; other days, I waste my precious commodity with silly things… But as a whole, I believe my life is full of good things.
Last night, we had a “game night.” Just us and 6 friends. We played games and laughed, and acted ridiculous at times; I laughed till my belly hurt. Now that was time well invested! No doubt about it.


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