Sounding board

We’d always go after school in the afternoon, my mom and I. It was her time to do errands, and my time to be with her. The walk was short, probably no more than 20 minutes. We had to cross a field, and then go through a few streets to get to the bank.
The field was our winding-down time. Through it we learned to let go of what was happening, to talk about it all, to pretend we were in a deep forest or jungle. We’d speak and laugh and take ourselves to exotic places. If our relationship was strained for one reason or another, by the time we crossed the field, we were buddies again, friends for life, mother and daughter delighted to have found each other.
Maybe these were weekly walks, or daily, I don’t remember. While walking, it was easy to share from my heart. I can’t remember much of what was said, just that she listened to me.
Now, my mother and I live a few thousand miles and an ocean apart. When I began to raise my own kids, I thought I knew it all so much better than she and we grew apart some. But one year for her birthday about ten years ago, I gave her the gift of a weekly phone call from me for a year. The gift has been going on ever since, and we are getting close again. I find her to be a great woman, full of dignity and power.
Her life changed when my father passed away. Difficulties with my siblings have arisen for her, but we have our weekly phone calls. Now she does most of the talking, and I love to listen more. The roles have changed; I have become her sounding board.
Part of who she is is in me now. The legacy has been passed.


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