I just came back from a fitness conference in Ocean City, Md. My husband and I drove there on Thursday, and the weather was perfect. As we were heading south, the colors started to change. The greens were greener, crisper, more full of spring life. The daffodils’ yellows were brighter, the sky’s blues deeper, and my spirit started to soar.
What is it about color that does that to me? How can simple color make me happy? Color is life. It reminds me to breathe deep and experience each day fully. It awakens in me the desire for excellence, for fulfilling my purpose. As we kept driving, my spirit got renewed and I thanked God for the change in me.
The conference itself was enlightening, stimulating, filled with new information and ways to apply it to my field. As I kept soaking it in, my mind got renewed and I thanked God for the change in me.
At nights, we went out to eat and then walked the beach. I let the salty air fill me. The sounds of the waves crashing rhythmically did me good. The seagulls were beautiful, strong and purposeful in their flying. As I kept walking, my body got renewed and I thankd God for the change in me.
Monday morning is here. Back to every day stuff. Here I come, life!