On Friday, we went to eat at our friend’s Susie’s house. Dinner and fellowship were great of course; they always are!
Susie is in the process of starting a rock selling business, and she has been buying rocks like there is no tomorrow. So Friday was her day to show them off. It’s funny to watch her with them; they are like her babies… she handles them carefully and can tell you anything you want to know about each one of them. And I find that amazing! Rocks are really, really cool I decided after our time with her, but still, they are just rocks–talk to me about the human body though, and I will get all excited and you won’t be able to shut me up. To someone else, it’s just the tent we live in for a while.
We are so different, and God made us like that. I love it.
Back to the rocks, though… amazing how these crystals grow on them… more beautiful than what any man could make, or could even imagine. And it happens in the dark, on a rock! Something that seems so plain, without any value… and it produces such rich treasures. It’s a bit like us, isn’t it? We surely aren’t made of much– a bit of water and dust. But put the Spirit of the Living God in there, the very breath of the Almighty, and you have the most intricate, amazing, beautiful creature. That’s us. May God be praised with every breath that I take. He deserves it all, and then some!


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