Some of my friends are going through very difficult times right now, and I find myself longing to snatch them out of their situations. But I am unable to do this. I can stand with them and love them through the dark places. And I can remind myself and them that Jesus’ work is finished! There isn’t another thing for Him to do; He sits at the right hand of the Father, completely satisfied with His work. He rose from the grave, announcing that all victory had been achieved. “IT IS FINISHED!” indeed.
But yet we live down here, and we are faced with darkness. So, how do we manage? Well, it is ridiculously simple, really–we simply apply that victory to our lives. We declare it and move in it. The only way we can do this well is by walking closely with our Master. HE alone is the strength we need. He alone has the power to carry us through.
Father, grant us grace to stand fully in the truth of Your Son’s finished work.


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