I have the best job in the world. Sometimes I could cry when I consider how good God is. Through a chain of events that I had nothing to do with, He caused me to recognize the gift within me; by His grace He is helping me develop it.
My title is Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Weight Management Consultant, but what I really do is help people find hope again and build their confidence up. I can only go “thus” far when they do not know the One who truly IS our hope and confidence, yet I can indeed go “thus” far. I have started people who walked with their shoulders and faces sagging, and by now they are upright and smile. I have taken overweight people who needed a belt extension in an airplane, and now they wear normal clothes. One lady that I work with giggles all the time now…
My job is exhausting, but the Lord is granting me the opportunity to put an hour of sunshine in the midst of their pressure-loaded weeks, to slip into their heats a word of encouragement or two. I have the privilege to be kind and see that kindness’ effect on their lives.
I indeed have the best job in the world.


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