Growing Up

My daughter who lives in Virginia came to visit for a few days. We hang out together, went for massages, talked, ate… had a great time. Our relationship is changing as she is maturing and I am getting older; more like friends, really. I respect her opinion and learn so much from her; there is much in her I admire greatly, and I am amazed when I consider that this wonderful woman of God once came out of my body. He shaped her into one of His own, and I stand in awe of His workmanship. She is beautiful in every way, and I am not sure what I had to do with the fruits I see in her life. All we really did as her parents was to love her with the truth, guide her with a firm hand and watch over her with the strength that comes from His presence, constantly committing her to His great care. Can the gardener take pride in his garden? He surely can, but I am not sure how much credit he can take–to some extend, his hand brought forth the produce, but every gardener knows deep inside that if it wasn’t for the Lord granting rain and watching over his garden, the fruits wouldn’t be there.
So I enjoy the fruit of my labor in her, but most of all, I thank God for His amazing faithfulness and care over us.


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